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Dimensions (D x W x H): 3.00in x 12.00in x 10.00in

Price: $100.00

This piece was created during a plein-air painting session. Creating this piece was meditative. This year has imposed a great deal of stillness. Yet my mind wasn't still. With the draught of scheduled distractions, my mind and heart went on an honest inquisition. A soul searching. I've changed and evolved through it all. Changing still, but present. More aware. This piece was a bit of a reckoning. Recognizing the inner change that comes in being present, in being still. I sat and observed the life in front of me, on the brink of change, on the brink of loss. Within a month the colors being exhibited for the world would shift, the life it was flashing about in that moment would be left in sheets upon the earth, left to become the earth. But all of that was still just happening almost invisibly, inside.

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