Artist: Matt Tionloc
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Dimensions (D x W x H): 36.00in x 48.00in

Price: $5,184.00

Painting is an expression of my reality.  I focus on creating bold, colorful work showcasing life experiences and emotions.  I am reminded of a bus ride at night and staring at the lights emanating from different light sources passing me by.  The lights were vivid and colorful with no particular pattern.  The ride was slow and fast, at times.  The solitude left me a feeling of joy and confusion at the same time.  Time passing without any sense of structure, direction and total chaos.  I saw my world as abstract until family happened. 

It was, at a young age of 8, when I entered my first art competition.  Through the early years, my pieces were showcased in exhibits and city art fairs.  My passion laid dormant as life happened – happy marriage, father of two and a flourishing career.  Fast forward to 2018, it was with my family’s prompting that I recaptured my love and God given talent for art. 

I attribute how I can transform ordinary colors of reds, blues and greens to my spiritual journey with my savior Jesus Christ.  God is not looking at who I am or what I possess.  Just like a blank canvas, He is looking at what He can do through me and what He can make of my life.  I am simply an instrument and vessel of His supernatural power and ability. 

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